Thursday, June 30, 2016

Heritage Park Outdoor Circuit Workout

           If you have visited the walking trails around the perimeter of Heritage Park, you may have noticed some new equipment scattered throughout the park. No, it’s not abstract art pieces, it’s actually outdoor exercise equipment! If working out inside the walls of a gym isn’t really your thing, you should try doing circuit workouts using this new equipment! You don’t have to do every piece of equipment in one visit, try mixing up your routine about every two weeks to give your muscles some variety.
            This circuit is just an example of how you can combine the different pieces of equipment to complete a full-body workout. Feel free to do more, or less than what is listed below. Start small and gradually work up to challenging yourself over time! This circuit workout is the first of many. Stay tuned for a new workout in a few weeks that will feature other pieces of equipment! 

Warm-up: Walk 1.5 mile loop

Assisted Push-up
Women: 2 sets/15 repetitions
Men: 2 sets/20 repetitions


Squat Press
Women: 2 sets/15 repetitions
Men: 2 sets/20 repetitions

Ab Crunch
Women: 2 sets/25 repetitions
Men: 2 sets/25 repetitions

Cool down: Walk 1.5 mile loop

**Be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine. Read safety warnings and directions before using new equipment