Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Featured Activity of the Month: Disc Golf

Looking to pick up a new outdoor activity? Try the 18-hole disc golf course at Heritage Park! Disc golf is becoming more and more popular with the younger generations, but anyone can play! Curious about why you should give this activity a try? Check out the health benefits below!

  • Builds an Appreciation of Nature - the natural course setting forces the players to work around the landscape; while playing the courses will include hills, trees, bushes, water, etc.
  • Provides an Alternative Form of Exercise - players can burn between 400-600 calories while playing; the biggest contributing factor to calorie burn is the amount of holes you play and the landscape that you are working against 
  • Developing Patience - talk to any traditional golfer and they will tell you that you must have patience, disc golf is no different. This sport requires patience given that weather and the surrounding landscape effect each round in a different way
  • Provides a Break from Daily Routine - any break from a monotonous daily routine is a positive! 
  • Provides a Positive Stress Reliever - nature has been shown to release stress and anxiety; while walking throughout natural settings and removing yourself from high-stress situations will improve health in the present and in the long-run

    • Disc golf is a low impact form of exercise that all generations can participate in
    • Disc golf is environmentally friendly because typically there is no clear-cutting of trees, grading of land, costly fertilizer, and the pieces are low-maintenance
    • Many that play disc golf walk approximately 3 miles