Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CP&R Announces ASA Archery Contract Renewal

On Tuesday, October 24, Cullman City Parks and Recreation officially announced the renewal of the ASA National Archery Tournament, tacking on three more years to the event that began hosting at St. Bernard Abbey in 2012. After several months of cooperation and work between local hotels, St. Bernard Abbey, and Cullman City Parks & Recreation, the ASA officially named July 24-26 as the official stop for the ASA in Cullman during their 2015 lineup. Mike Tyrell, President of the Archery Shooter's Association, attended a press conference Tuesday in Cullman to assure that the tournaments would remain in Cullman. The announcement came after some worry that the tournament would not return to Cullman due to issues with local hotels overcharging the over 1,5000 archers from across the world for lodging.

Tyrell was proud to announce that the Cullman Hospitality Association, made up of all of the hotels in Cullman, signed an agreement to provide affordable lodging for the archers over the next several years. "You have to remember that the owners of these hotels are members of the community," Amy Rama, President of the association stated at the press conference. "My children go to school here, my family is involved here, and we want what is best for Cullman, which is to have these archers keep coming back in the future."

The Archery Shooter's Association has hosted the ASA Classic in Cullman the past three years, bringing in between 1,200-1,800 archers from around the world for the event each year. Archers as far away as New Zealand, Australia, and China have brought their families to Cullman for chances to win major cash prizes the tournament gives away annually. The tournament has brought in several million dollars in economic impact over the past three years, and the renewal of the contract is expected to see an even larger economic impact for the community from the event in the future.

We at CP&R would like to thank the Archery Shooter's Association for making a commitment to Cullman, as well as the Cullman Hospitality Association for working to bring the tournament back to Cullman. With cooperation from the community, CP&R is excited to partner with St. Bernard Abbey to make the event a great boost for the community.

Waid Harbison
Marketing, Programs, & Events Coordinator
Cullman City Parks & Recreation