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Do The Foods We Eat Affect Our Health?

The human body is one of the most complex and fascinating subjects that can be studied. Simple functions like breathing, digestion, and immune function are extremely complex when broken down. The body is smart and almost always knows how to handle anything, but what if we are unknowingly sabotaging our bodies by simply choosing to eat certain foods?
At a young age you hear it over and over again, “be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables”. At some point you become an age where you are able to choose what you eat. You no longer have to sit at the table and have a staring contest with despised green vegetables. Some fast food, processed foods, and pre-made meals can be tasty, but are they the right choice? Some of the most common and widely available foods can cause inflammation in the body. To break this down, the immune system works to attack anything recognized as foreign to help keep you healthy. Invading microbes, plant pollen, or certain chemicals can be the cause of inflammation…