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5 Reasons to Buy from the Festhalle Farmer's Market

CP&R's Festhalle Farmer's Market will have its season opening on Thursday, April 2, 2015 from 7am-2pm. The Farmer's Market which is located on Arnold St. and 1st Ave. will be offering a full slate of farmers this season with all of your produce needs from fresh strawberries, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, corn, and every other form of produce you can imagine. So why should YOU stop by and buy from the farmer's market? Here are a few reasons to think about!

1. Supporting Local Farmers
Cullman has a major heritage as an agricultural center across the state with agriculture being the number one industry in Cullman County. Our local farmer's work hard through the seasons to produce some of the most delicious local fruits and vegetables in the area, and supporting the number industry in the county is good for everyone. Supporting our farmers supports our entire community and local economy.

2. Fresher Produce.
With produce that is most of the time picked off the vine j…

Baseball, Softball, and T-Ball Schedules

2015 CP&R Baseball, Softball, and T-Ball Schedules

Youth Outdoor Adventure

Program Information Spring Session 2015

Rock Climbing – Hurricane Creek Park – Estimated Duration: 3-4 hours
Date: April 11 at 9am
Participants will enjoy a fun outing scaling up the rock bluffs at Hurricane Creek Park with the aid of ropes and other professional gear. All essential climbing equipment will be provided and guided by our professional instructor, John Wesley McCrary. Participants need to bring:
·Closed toed shoes
·Water/water bottle
·Any needed medications
·Rain jacket
·Coat/jacket/layers depending on weather

Wilderness Survival – Hurricane Creek Park – Estimated Duration: 3-4 hours
Date: April 18 at 9am
Participants will learn through hands on examples and experience. We will go over the process of being stranded, finding and making shelter, and being found, all in the order of their importance. You will learn vital, necessary skills including how to build an emergency survival shelter to how to build a fire from scratch and how to obtain drinking water and basic or…

CP&R Community Garden Coming in March

Cullman City Parks & Recreation has shown a long history of bringing in new and innovative facilities and programs into our community with multiple new projects and developments in the works at any given time. CP&R's Community Garden will be the newest of these projects opening up on Tuesday, March 31, at Nesmith Park.
So why garden? CP&R will be offering the Community Garden to anyone to utilize for just $35 for the entire 2015 season. This will make gardening available to those with limited space or resources, as well as allow for gardening to be a group activity in which to meet friends and enjoy some leisure time outdoors. Aside from the fun aspect, gardening also offers the opportunity for cheap produce to be used in your kitchen at a much more affordable rate than the grocery store; healthier eating will be another major benefit of the garden, offering fresh vegetables to those who sign up for a plot.

In addition to the available plots, a series of gardening cla…