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8 Reasons Your Child should Play CP&R Baseball, Softball, or T-ball

Ball season is just around the coroner, which means fun nights at the ball park with families, friends, and your favorite fold-out lawn chair. It also means that kids are gearing up for the most fun, competitive time of year for them on the diamonds making new friends, learning new skills, and enjoying the crisp spring air outside. So what is so special about CP&R's baseball, softball, and t-ball programs that set it apart from anyone else's? Here are eight reasons your family will have a BLAST with us this spring at CP&R.

8. Facilities. CP&R features some of the most award wining facilities in the counrty at Heritage Park and the Field of Miracles. In fact, in 2013, Heritage Park and the Field of Miracles complex were recognized nationally by the United States Specialty Sports Association as the number one complex of the year amongst large and small cities alike all across America. The parks both feature state of the art fields that are maintained and worked on da…