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8 Reasons Your Child should Play CP&R Baseball, Softball, or T-ball

Ball season is just around the coroner, which means fun nights at the ball park with families, friends, and your favorite fold-out lawn chair. It also means that kids are gearing up for the most fun, competitive time of year for them on the diamonds making new friends, learning new skills, and enjoying the crisp spring air outside. So what is so special about CP&R's baseball, softball, and t-ball programs that set it apart from anyone else's? Here are eight reasons your family will have a BLAST with us this spring at CP&R.

8. Facilities. CP&R features some of the most award wining facilities in the counrty at Heritage Park and the Field of Miracles. In fact, in 2013, Heritage Park and the Field of Miracles complex were recognized nationally by the United States Specialty Sports Association as the number one complex of the year amongst large and small cities alike all across America. The parks both feature state of the art fields that are maintained and worked on daily to ensure the best facilities are offered. Our staff also takes pride in ensuring the parks are not only clean, but go above and beyond to make our parks the most beautiful setting for a spring baseball or softball game.

7. Experienced Coaches. CP&R seeks out the best of the best volunteer coaches and takes pride in educating all of our coaches. All of CP&R's volunteer coaches are instructed by college and high school coaches on drills, practice layouts, technique, and game strategy. Over 70% of our coaches are returning from years past, offering experienced and seasoned coaches for your athlete to learn the basics of the game and become more skilled at their positions.

6. State of the art concession stands for the athlete and spectator. A night in the ball park just isn't complete without a Coke, a hot dog, or a box of popcorn. CP&R offers top notch concession stands that offer meals for busy families that need to eat a quick dinner before games. Our stand offers chicken fingers, hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fries, and more classic items such as nachos, popcorn, and candy. Prices are very affordable with meal deals ranging from $5-$7 each. In addition, the concessions offer favorites for your athletes like PowerAde, sunflower seeds, and double bubble for the serious ball player. You won't have to stop for dinner or at the store for any food or sports drinks; we have everything you need at our concessions stands!

5.  Front row seats for the whole family. At CP&R's Heritage Park and Field of Miracles Complexes, many bleachers are available on the third base and first base sides of the field with plenty of seating for the whole family. Many facilities feature outdated seating (or none at all) in inconvenient places, but at our ball fields, there is not a bad seat in the house for you to watch your children play! Bleachers at Heritage Park are even risen above ground for a better view while fields at the Field of Miracles complex have shaded coverings for those hotter spring days.

4. Lifelong friendships are built for you and your child. Many friendships that have stood the test of times started on CP&R's baseball and softball fields. Athletes make great friends that they will keep throughout school and their athletic career; in addition, parents can also mix and mingle with other parents, which is another great way to meet friends and make lasting relationships. With CP&R, it will be easy to make friends, as close to 2,000 spectators come in and out of our ball parks each night, as well as over 750 participants in baseball, softball, and t-ball.

3. Youth athletics is one of the biggest ways to teach life skills. Teaching your child hard work, dedication, sharing, teamwork, and social sills can all take place through youth softball, baseball, and t-ball. Often times, this will be the first experience children have coming together and working as a team towards something greater than themselves. CP&R's abundance of support from parents, coaches, and the staff just show how big of an impact these things can have and how CP&R is dedicated to creating the best experience your child can take away from the program.

2. Most competitive league in the area. CP&R's youth baseball, softball, and t-ball offers the most competitive league around with over 750 competitors last season alone. Families drive up to an hour away to come participate in our leagues, which have been recognized as one of the most competitive leagues in the state. Athletes will have more teams to play, tougher competition, and harder training to be the best of the best. If your child is looking to be a serious ball player, CP&R's leagues are the place to be. Allstars also offer opportunities for the best athletes at the end of the season, with CP&R's Allstars' teams having a historically high record in state competition.

1. It's fun for everyone. Who doesn't love getting out of the house and coming together as a family for a fun night out multiple times per week? Parents, family, and friends will love watching the competition progress through the season, athletes will love playing the game and interacting with other participants, and even our volunteer coaches will have the time of their life during ball season. Heritage Park and the Field of Miracles offer an atmosphere that is fun for everyone, and will take you back to when you played ball during your younger years.

Baseball, softball, and t-ball registration is open now at the Cullman Civic Center. Cost is $90 which includes a uniform, hat, and a trophy at the end of the season. Boys and girls ages 4-14 can register through February 15. Practices will begin in March with games starting in April. Don't miss out on an unforgettable experience that will be a memory maker for the whole family; signup today! Call us at 256-734-9157 or visit if you have any additional questions.

Waid Harbison
Marketing & Programs Director
Cullman City Parks & Recreation
(also a former CP&R baseball player)


  1. Is is too late?! My son wants to play but we've had the flu all week!

  2. What are parents responsible for purchasing (equipment, uniform)? Totally new at this sports thing and trying to see if it is in our budget. My son is finally old enough to play.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Can I still sign my daughter up for softball?


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