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Red, Sweet, and Good to Eat

Cullman County is an agricultural hub mostly known for sweet potato and chicken farming. However, as the months become warmer, the strawberry becomes a celebrated commodity among producers and consumers in this close-knit community. The strawberry has a pretty impressive résumé when you lay out all of it’s known health benefits. You may not have to be convinced to eat this super fruit, but here are some heath and wellness facts about strawberries that could surprise you!

•Strawberries protect your heart, increase HDL (good) cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and guard against cancer!
•Strawberries contain vitamins, fiber, anti-oxidants, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, Folic acid, and amino acids.
•Vitamin C in strawberries is not only considered an immune booster, but it helps to ward off histamine that causes runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing fits. One study has shown that vitamin C supplementation decreased histamine levels by 38%, while other studies have s…

Run, Catch, Throw, "Tackle"

In the last few years there have been many health controversies surrounding football. These concerns have trickled down from the NFL to local youth footballs programs. Many parents wonder, “is it worth the risk?”. If your child is jumping at the chance to play football, but you feel it is unsafe, there could be an alternative. Youth flag football programs are becoming more popular across the country. Parents feel that it is safer than traditional tackle football, especially with children under the age of fourteen. If you are on the fence, here are some points to add to your pro and con list. Kids are not miniature adults. By the age of four, the heads of kids are 90% of adult size. However, their necks are much weaker than that of an adult. This combination can create danger and health risks. When a child takes a blow from falling or being struck in the helmet, it is more difficult to keep the head steady. The result is a greater force to the brain from being jerked insid…

Stop, Shop, and Buy Seasonal Produce

Cullman City Parks & Recreation’s Farmer's Market at the Festhalle Market Platz, located on Arnold St. and 1st Ave, will have its season opening on Saturday, April 16th, 2016, from 7am-2pm. Featuring the freshest produce of the season, including: strawberries, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, corn, and much more! So why should you stop and buy locally grown fruits and vegetables? Here are a few reasons you should make the choice to stop and shop! 1. Support Local Farmers Cullman has a major heritage as an agricultural center across the state with agriculture being the number one industry in Cullman County. Our local farmer's work hard through the seasons to produce some of the most delicious local fruits and vegetables in the area, and supporting the number one industry in the county is good for everyone. Supporting our farmers supports our entire community and local economy.
2. Fresher Produce With produce available that is picked off the vine just hours before being brought to …