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Stop, Shop, and Buy Seasonal Produce

Cullman City Parks & Recreation’s Farmer's Market at the Festhalle Market Platz, located on Arnold St. and 1st Ave, will have its season opening on Saturday, April 16th, 2016, from 7am-2pm. Featuring the freshest produce of the season, including: strawberries, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, corn, and much more! So why should you stop and buy locally grown fruits and vegetables? Here are a few reasons you should make the choice to stop and shop!
1. Support Local Farmers
Cullman has a major heritage as an agricultural center across the state with agriculture being the number one industry in Cullman County. Our local farmer's work hard through the seasons to produce some of the most delicious local fruits and vegetables in the area, and supporting the number one industry in the county is good for everyone. Supporting our farmers supports our entire community and local economy.

2. Fresher Produce
With produce available that is picked off the vine just hours before being brought to market, the freshness of your purchases cannot be beat. Most fruits and vegetables in grocery stores are grown miles away in another state or even another country, picked, and shipped here to Alabama. By the time produce arrives to the store, it may have already been 7-12 days; in addition, grocery stores will keep produce on their shelves for a number of days after receiving merchandise. We guarantee you will taste the difference.

3. More Nutritious Options
Because most produce can be weeks old when purchased in the grocery stores, much of the nutritional value is lost. In fact, the longer produce sits around, the more vitamins and nutrients are lost before consumption. Local produce picked only hours before purchasing will have the maximum value of nutrition for you and your family.

4. Know the Source of Your Produce
In some cases, you may never know where your produce comes from in the grocery store. Federal and state agencies are beginning to require mass producers to disclose what processes, chemicals, fertilizer, or pesticides have been used on your produce. With the Festhalle Farmer's Market, our farmers are on site to answer any questions that you might have about their produce.

5. Connect with the Community
The farmer's market is not just an exchange of fresh produce, but also an exchange of good times and memories. Our local farmers are part of our community, and the market is a great place to see old friends, bring your kids for a fun time, and enjoy new friendships from across Cullman County.

If you are interested in the Farmer's Market, don't miss out on information regarding all these special activities and offerings, visit us online at

Waid Harbison 
Marketing, Programs, & Events Coordinator
Cullman City Parks & Recreation 


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