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Can Standing an Hour a Day Keep the Doctor Away

Americans need to get out and get active. That’s a fact, and it is also something that we hear all the time. Life gets busy, that’s part of being an adult, right? Standing for just 3 hours a day, 5 days a week burns 8 pounds of fat per year. When you think about it, that is a wild statistic considering how easy it is to just stand. Problem solved, right? Think again. There are quite a majority of occupations that require a desk to perform daily tasks. What do you usually do at a desk? Sit. That is the obvious answer to this seemingly absurd question. With health and wellness booming and technology more advanced than ever, shouldn’t there be a solution to this? A magic pill or shake that can increase longevity and end the constant battle fought with the scale? At the Cullman City Parks and Recreation offices we have found a solution, standing desks. At the push of a button we can stand or sit as we please. This is a very neat concept that can be implemented in many office settings. Thr…

Simple Steps To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Wintertime in Alabama is mild for the most part, but the chill can be just enough to keep some individuals inside. As many are waiting for the warmth of spring to knock the chill out of the wind, that is when a large population in the community will find the motivation to get out and get active. CP&R have many indoor and outdoor parks and facilities, where you can accomplish the personal goals that you set for yourself. But where should you start?
Setting a goal is a simple act, but achieving them can be a different story. Take it day by day. Starting small and gradually increasing activity and level of difficulty will lead you on the path of personal victory. If you start out with ridiculously high expectations, you will be more easily discouraged and usually this frustration will lead to stopping before achieving your goals. So what should you do? No matter if your goal is to run one mile without stopping or train for a marathon, you will still go through the same process of g…