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Featured Activity of the Month: Strength Training

Why should YOU be incorporating strength training exercises to your workout routine?

Strength training is important to add to your exercise routine because it helps keep the weight off; studies show that weight training at least 3 times a week burns more calories in daily activity
Weight training also protects bones and improves bone health, especially for women. After puberty women lose 1% of bone and muscle strength every year. Strength training increases bone densityIsometric resistance = contracting muscles against a nonmoving objectIsometric strength training = contracting muscles through a range of motion To build strength over time, muscles need to recover after a workout. Don't work the same muscles consecutive days in a row, and be sure to take time to warm-up and cool-down before you begin strength training.
Strength training can reduce bone fractures in post-menopausal womenStrength training also improves …