Tuesday, February 24, 2015

CP&R Arts

CP&R will be adding an arts program in the coming months and is looking for an arts instructor to carry out a range of different classes and programs. These classes will range from Pre-School art classes, family craft nights, adult craft nights/holiday decoration crafts, art in the park activities using nature for arts, and help with other programs including our annual Arty Park summer youth art camp and our Art in the Park event every year held in April at Heritage Park. This job will also call for the person to create new art classes based on popular demand for youth and adults alike. Interested applicants can send any questions or resumes to Waid Harbison, CP&R Marketing & Programs Director  at wharbison@cullmanrecreation.org. Deadline to apply is March 13.

Job Responsibilities:
-Oversees CP&R arts program as a whole
-Instructs Pre-School/Mommy and Me Classes featuring arts and crafts for ages 5 & under with keep-sake crafts for parents
-Instructs family craft nights for a fun craft the entire family can make together
-Instructs adult craft night using ideas from Pintrest or other sources to create home d├ęcor items, holiday decorations, antique crafts, and more
-Instructs art in the park programs using nature and outdoor items to make crafts in an outdoor setting for youth at various listed times
-Instructs other classes as needed including painting classes, pottery classes, and other craft classes for adults and youth
-Creates new classes and programs for the program based on trends and demand
-Oversee CP&R arts facility to include supplies, upkeep of room, and other needed measures for the program
-Coordinates special guests or instructors to come in for specially themed nights or programs
-Coordinates summer arts camps for youth
-Works with other aspects of CP&R's art program

This position will start out as a part time position, and hours will be determined by how many classes and programs the arts instructor is involved in each week.

For more information or questions on this position, please contact Waid Harbison at wharbison@cullmanrecreation.org