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5 Health Benefits of Playing Outside

     Remember when most kids didn't have to be convinced or bribed to play outside? When we become so-called adults, we wish we could turn the clock back and enjoy being a kid again. Especially when it comes to playing outside. These days tablets and phones are practically superglued to the hands of everyone, whenever all you need is the great outdoors. There are infinitely many possibilities of games and activities that can be played outside as a child. Even if your kids don't have a neighborhood posse (like in the Sandlot), there are still plenty of activities to be played outside.
So why should your kids play outside? There are actually proven health benefits of playing outside that can effect the health and wellness of children at a young age. 
  • Improves Vision - children who play outside have better distance vision than those that primarily stay indoors

  • Promotes Social Skills - unstructured play promotes a wide range of skills; it's not just about running and staying active, but learning social skills, executive functions, and behavioral skills through play

  • Increases Attention Span - outdoor settings appear to reduce ADHD symptoms in children; exposure to natural settings through after school play and weekend activities can be effective in reducing attention deficit symptoms

  • Reduces Stress - spending time outside playing is relaxing and healing; studies show it reduces stress level in kids

  • Provides Natural Source of Vitamin D - playing outside provides natural exposure to vitamin D which is an essential nutrient needed for normal bodily function
    Just playing outside around 60 minutes a day can increase health benefits, and build a foundation that leads to a healthier future. Lifelong habits are formed at a young age. Typically, active kids are active adults. Help your children discover the world around them. Get out and play! 


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